Photography from 'Botlek Stalker', 2008 - HDR night photography by Stephan Schmidt, Rotterdam

I am concerned with the mechanisation of the world and with the increasing humanisation of machines.

Night photography

In my night photo’s I am taking you on a journey into “the zone”, consisting of apparently abandoned places, industrial harbour areas and otherworldly landscapes. These spaces get illuminated solely by lanterns and spotlights, sometimes by the moon, always by the ambient light pollution of sleepless urban areas. In the small hours certain facilities are drenched in any shade of colour by blinking and rotating lights, reminding of a fully operational funfair with its carrousels and rollercoasters at dead of night, only the visitors surprisingly disappeared.

Despite of enjoying the solitude in contrast to my ususal life in this overboiling country I am fascinated by the unintended beauty of these empty spaces, reigned by feasibility in conjunction with efficiency, but deprived of any human condition. Aside from that these functional landscapes seem untouched by the usual aesthetic strategies of city planners, attempting to make life bearable in urban areas, or in other words, to disguise the condition of being buried alive alltogether in a mass grave called metropolis.

As well as Tarkovsky’s Stalker I can not promise that your innermost desires will come true after the troublesome journey. Nevertheless I hope to be able to retain a glimpse of the harsh beauty of this semi-automated underworld, telling its hidden story of existential misery — void of its human inhabitants, but filled with plenty references.